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Dear Anyone,

I met the guy of my dreams almost 2 months ago. Apparently, we went to elementary school together and we just happened to run into each other again as adults. The past 2 months have been great! You could say that everything moved really fast, but it has all felt so right that there have been no regrets or looking back. We are together all the time, we go to work together, take lunch together, leave work together, work out together, and fall asleep together every night. Everything seems so perfect. He even told me he loves me the other day although I haven't said it to him yet. He has a daughter from a previous relationship but I've grown to accept his platonic relationship with the mother of his child and grown to love his daughter. I love everything about him and he loves everything about me. We have a ton in common and both are extremely attracted to one other. We always have fun together no matter what we're doing.

The only problem is that he doesn't want to commit. He is fine with everything that is happening and is giving all of himself to me and never makes me doubt how he feels, but he says he's not ready for the title of "boyfriend-girlfriend" and doesn't want to rush into a relationship. By the way, I was out of the country for 2 weeks during the 2 months that we've know each other, but we talked several times and missed each other immensely. Anyways, am I crazy for wanting more so soon? And if I can't help but to want more, am I being selfish and impatient?

Impatiently Falling In Love


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A:  Take a break from each other to really evaluate where this relationship is going and how you really feel about one another.
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B:  Give him an ultimatum. He should either commit to you or you should let him go.
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C:  Express your concerns but be patient. There is no need to rush into love. He has a valid point. Try to look at things from his point of view.
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D:  Walk away. If he's not willing to commit to you, he's not the guy for you. Find someone else who will.

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