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Dear Anyone,

I'm dating someone who does a "jack Bauer" kind of job and if you've ever seen 24, you'll know exactly how challenging it is to carry on a relationship with a "jack Bauer" kind of person. He goes off for months at a time on missions that can't be discussed and I am lucky to get one call while he's away. When he is around, he is loving and attentive and treats me like a queen and also looks at me as if I am one :). We've talked about marriage, kids, what country we would like to settle in eventually, etc, etc. But I am not sure how much more of this I can take. Sometimes I have to rush through what's been happening in my life the last 3 months since he's been gone before he disappears again. At first it was exciting for me and I liked the idea that I don't have a man breathing down my neck everyday. I have tried very very hard to understand this kind of life but after a year of a "jack bauer" kind of guy, I am starting to feel like I just want to have a regular guy with a regular 9 to 5 job who comes home to me every night and asks about my day. I do love him and it feels like he's "The One". Some of my friends insist that he is married hence all the cloak and dagger stuff but I can't believe this because he appears very very honest but then again, you can't really 100% tell, can you? I'm not quite sure what to do anymore, break up with him, discuss it with him for the hundredth time? And I guess, I should also mention I've never met any of his friends.

Dating A "Jack Bauer" Type Guy


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A:  Assume he's married, dump him and move on
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B:  Try and talk it over for the 100th time
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C:  Be patient, things will change eventually

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