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Dear Anyone,

I have been getting over an ex for the past 2 and a half years. I have dated a lot but have never wanted to commit myself to anyone. A few months ago I met a guy who was in a similar situation and hasn't dated that much at all in the past 3 years. However, I have now fallen in love with him. It didn't take long but the feelings are as intense and real as my previous love (if not more). The problem: I told him. In a weak moment I just blurted out what I have been feeling and holding back for weeks. He said he knew on some level how I felt but he doesn't feel that way about me: not yet anyway. We have passed over that night and haven't mentioned the topic since. But it's there, hanging. He has since said all the cop-outs: I love being with you, I love spending time with you, I missed you all week...yet I can't even find the strength to say "me too". It just seems so empty. He has also become much more attentive and I want to embrace it but am afraid.

At a loss for love


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A:  Give him time and wait until he feels the same way and is able to voice such feelings
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B:  Realize that if he doesn't feel the same way now he may never and get out before you get in even deeper
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C:  Tell him you didn't mean to say it and hope he believes you
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D:  Question his actions as of late and press his motives to see if he really does love you but is afraid of previous love experience

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