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Dear Anyone,

There is this guy that I have been in love with for 7 months now. We had almost gone out twice, but he changes crushes as much as underwear, so I guess he forgot about me. We used to be really close friends, but haven't talked much lately. He called me just a few days ago, to just say "hi," and I was super happy! He even said he was desperate for a girlfriend, which I kind of figured he said, because maybe he is into me again. But I am just so confused because what if he does like me, and drops me like before? And I don't want to just go out with him because he's desperate. But I'm totally in love, and can never stop thinking about him.

Blinded by Love


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A:  It sounds like he gave you a major hint. Move on it and tell him you have feelings for him.
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B:  His confession to you sounds more like a "friend" kind of thing to say. Otherwise he would have just asked you out directly.
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C:  If he's desperate for a girlfriend it sounds like he's got motives other than love. Stay away.
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D:  Give him some hints that you're interested and see if he bites.

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