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Dear Anyone,

I was going out with with my ex of 6 years, up and downs off and on so forth. At the start of April I met up with one of my exs and we still had the passion for each other - however, he lives in Florida. We would see each other once a month when I go down or he visits. Yes, I was cheating on my ex at this time - something that I regret. I never did before but this guy in Florida made me feel so different and I cared for him deeply. The guy in Florida and I discussed the situation and everything fell on me. So my 6 year boyfriend and I became distant. My ex found out that I had many friends of guys and was furious - but these were friends from the past that I met up again. Well we broke up.
So now the guy in Florida became distant with me due to some personal issues he has to deal with. He stopped calling or text messaging me. I am depressed because I feel that I made the wrong choice of following my heart and feelings and now I am alone. My ex of 6 years and I still talk once in a while but he is hurt and doesn't think he can trust me. He is all I have known for so many years that I don't know if I should ask him to try to work things out or just give it time. What do you think?



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A:  Stop chasing after all these men who satisfy your heart temporarily. Focus on yourself for a while and discover what you truly need in a man.
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B:  Go back to what you know: your ex of 6 years.

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