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Dear Anyone,

I met this guy on the net and we chatted for a couple of weeks before arranging for him to come down and meet me. We went on a date and everything went well. I wasn't just imagining it, I could tell he liked me. But since then I've not heard from him and he's ignored the couple of casual messages I have sent. He admitted before he met me that he had some problems and was confused about what he wants, so I know there are some insecurities there. What I don't understand is that he hasn't blocked me from his msn or told me outright that he doesn't want to speak to me, so I'm confused.

The thing is I really miss talking to him as a friend and can't stop thinking about him, but I don't want to hassle him or drive him away. If I contact him and he keeps ignoring me it's going to upset me even more.

Very confused


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A:  Contact him one last time asking him what's going on
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B:  Contact him one last time letting him know you'll be there as a friend if he wants to chat in the future
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C:  Completely ignore him and give him space to see if that provokes a reaction
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D:  Forget him completely and delete him so he can't contact you

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