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Dear Anyone,

A guy who I'm talking to, caught me having sex with his cousin. I met him through his cousin. We had been talking for a few weeks and I cut his cousin off and then last night out of the clear blue his cousin stops by while I'm watching a movie and one thing lead to another. I don't want to be with the cousin. I want to be with him. I haven't had sex with him yet. We just spend time together and talk. We've kissed on a few occasions, and he decided to surprise me and walked in on me riding his cousin. Did I loose any chance of ever having a relationship with him? I really want him but he won't call me or respond to my texts. HELP

Naughty Girl


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A:  Leave him alone. He sounds like a nice guy who would be better off with someone with a little more class.
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B:  Give him a couple days and try to talk to him. Cut off everyone else including the cousin.

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