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Dear Anyone,

I had a crush back in 2003. I was in denial of liking this guy. Then I faced up and told him. He told me he did not see me in that way. I moved on and we became sort of friends because we were in class with each other. Well skip ahead, I graduated college this year. I admit I occasionally thought about him on and off. I had a new relationship and was doing ok in my new relationship. Then something weird happened. My old crush popped back into my life. He confessed he hacked into my livejournal to find out all about me. He said he became jealous when he found out I found someone new. Now I am single; he helped break-up my current relationship. The few times we chatted, he confessed he liked me and was upset and said now we can never be together. Then he told me he is in love with his new girlfriend and feels bad chatting with me. My question is did this dude ever like me or am I fooling myself? I thought I was over him, but now those hidden feelings are coming back, but I was afraid to tell him at the time I was in a relationship.

Confuse in NY


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A:  Move on and be happy he confessed that he had liked you. Just think of it as closure.
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B:  Next time he contacts you, find out how he really feels once and for all.
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C:  He sounds like an indecisive stalker-jerk. Don't talk to him anymore.
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D:  If you want to have a relationship with him, make a move. Don't be afraid to be straight with him.

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