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Dear Anyone,

I've been friends with a member of the opposite sex for about five years. We have everything in common and have confided just about everything under the sun to each other. Over the past few years, I've become attracted sexually to this person. He has a "girlfriend" that he sees at his convenience, but has been hesitant to give her a commitment of exclusivity and always seems to be looking for Mrs. Right. I've let him know that I would like to try this relationship at another level, but he doesn't want to risk the friendship. Part of me says to just be happy we are friends, but I am frustrated that he won't try more and I am having a hard time moving on. To complicate things, we work at the same place.

Tired of Waiting But Helpless to Move On in Florida


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A:  Go double or nothing. Tell him you're willing to risk the friendship if it means you can have it all.
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B:  Continue on as friends and hope that one day he will see how perfect you are for one another.
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C:  Forget romance. In case you didn't know, "I don't want to risk the friendship" in Boy Talk means "I'm not interested" in English.
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D:  Never, ever date (or even attempt to date) anyone you work with unless you're prepared to leave your job when things blow up.

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