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Dear Anyone,

I have been married 5 years and about a month ago I was on the internet and my husbands email was up so I checked it. I found emails from his older female boss. I was shocked when I read them he told her things like "I love you" and "you are my soulmate," but the most disturbing one was from him that said "last night was great I can't put it into words." When all was said and done I confronted him and they both swore they never kissed, had sex or anything. I cannot bring myself to believe this. Is there anything I can do to help myself put closure on this?

hurt in VA


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A:  Love requires trust. Unless you have further evidence you'll just have to trust him.
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B:  Put him on notice. Tell him that he is going to have to work to earn your trust again.
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C:  Confront his boss and get the story from her perspective.
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D:  There may be something missing in your marriage that your husband is looking for elsewhere. Find out what that is.

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