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Dear Anyone,

I am 24 and have been with my boyfriend for 4 years. 1 month ago, we moved in together. I was SO excited as this was the thing that I had been waiting for! I was so excited it was untrue. I had some initial grief from my parents (a bit traditional) but I fought tooth and nail to stick up for him.

The night before we moved in, I started to get the most unexpected cold feet. The day we moved in I cried all day. I am so worried, because now I can't get rid of this feeling that something is wrong. I have been soul searching, and all I want is to get back to normal but I have freaked myself out with my cold feet. Now I am obsessed by the horrid feeling. Even when it goes I bring it back by thinking, 'is it still there'. I so desperately want this to work, but it's so hard carrying on feeling like this.

I told my boyfriend. He wants me to stay and not give up on 4 years in one month.

He is lush and I don't want to lose him over this!

Tearful and crazy; normall sane in Glos


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A:  It's normal to have cold feet when making such a major step especially if you don't have parental support.
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B:  Stick it out a while longer. You've made a big decision which breaks away from your family. It will take a while to become comfortable with it.
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C:  Maybe the sense of guilt coming from your parents is the cause. Talk it over with them. They need to understand and respect your decisions.

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