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Dear Anyone,

I am engaged to a woman that I love but I am seriously considering breaking off the relationship. My first reason is that she is very sensitive and gets upset for the smallest things I say and then she has a nasty attitude even if I was just kidding. My second reason is that she is extremely messy for a woman. We don't live together but everytime I visit her place it is a mess. I would hate to think that if we got married I would have to do all the cleaning. My third reason is that sex with her is horrible. When we first started dating it was pretty good but now I am extremely disappointed. I can't kiss her because she says it tickles no matter where I kiss her. She doesn't like kissing on the lips. I have to beg for oral and still don't get it and she just lays there. I have talked to her more than once about each of these issues but nothing seems to be changing. She was not this way when we first met and I think it will only get worse if we get married.

Am I asking for too much?


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A:  It's hard to see there being anything redeeming about this woman. Get out now while you still have the chance.
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B:  Give her one more chance, maybe with the help of a counsellor. There must be some reason you wanted to marry her in the first place.
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C:  You just have cold feet. Things will get better.

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