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Dear Anyone,

I am having a problem with my roomate. I live in a co-op with 9 girls and 1 guy. The guy and I share a room and we all work on a farm as interns. Recently, my little brother was killed in a car accident and I was in need of comfort. My roomate, Rob, was there for me. The night after the funeral I was crying in bed and he laid down beside me to comfort me. One thing led to another and we ended up going pretty far sexually. I am openly gay and he is Openly Bisexual but the problem is that he has gotten involved with a girl who is very nice but I am still very attached to him. I cannot think of anything else and I hate that he talks all thime about her and really seems to like her. What do I do? Is it possible that he will ever see that I care deeply for him? It is hard to sleep 4 feet from him every night and not get to hug him and feel comfort. I have so much emotional stress right now as it is and I just need a quick solution. He is a great guy and has been nothing but kind and warm to me ever since that night. We make bread, swim and fish together so nothing has really changed except that now I am head over heels for him and he is hung on someone else--who he has not seen in 3 years mind you--but he is visiting her in Jersey soon. I feel bad because in a way I want things to go badly between them but I also don't want either of them to hurt.

Ashamed and Lovestruck


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A:  What you had that night was purely a one-off thing. He is clearly already emotionally involved with someone else.
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B:  This is just going to eat you up inside unless you do tell him how you feel. Come clean, even if it puts your friendship at risk.
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C:  Making a move shouldn't be too tough considering you room together. Go for it.
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D:  Use the subtle approach. Make sure he knows you're intersted in him and then if he responds, take the next step.

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