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Dear Anyone,

I am in love with two men. I have been married to one for about two years. It was an arranged marriage. I never had sex with him or even seen him as a love. I went to Africa for a volunteer and vacational eperience when I was at my hotel and saw the man of my dreams. We started chatting, then moved into phone conversations that lasted for hours at a time. Then we experienced a night of passion that both of us can never forget. It has been over a year since my affair began with the second man, and he just proposed to me. The other guy is basically not a factor in my relationship. He is too shy and hasn't really been there for me. I want to leave my current husband but I don't want to break his heart, especially over the phone since he lives so far away. And I really don't want to tell my current lover about my husband. What do I do? I am in love with one and care for them both...



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A:  You can't be faulted if your arranged marriage doesn't work out. Divorce your husband.
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B:  First things first. Be upfront about the situation to both your men. You can't be living a lie.
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C:  Elope with your true love. Then let your arranged marriage drift away.
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D:  You've had your passionate encounter. Now it's time you got back to reality and your husband.

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