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Dear Anyone,

I have been dating the same guy for almost six years. I love him and I am pretty sure he loves me, but I am afraid he is no longer attracted to me. He dresses in women's lingerie while we're together and when he masterbates. The last time he intiated sex with me was 2 1/2 months ago and before that it had been a really long time. I love him, but I am sick of feeling unwanted. What should I do--and how normal is this?

Unsure of myself in Wisconsin


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A:  Confront him about the situation. You should be open and honest with each other.
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B:  If he truly has lost interest it may be best to break it off and move on.
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C:  Embrace his individuality.
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D:  His behaviour should lead you to ask more questions. There may be a bigger problem here.

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