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Dear Anyone,

I've been friends with/dating this guy for several months. We are quite compatable and have amazing sexual chemistry. He says he loves me but he keeps pushing me away because of a recent past relationship gone bad. I have agreed to be friends because that's the way we started out and I really do love him as an individual. I guess I've also agreed to be friends with benefits because we haven't stopped hooking up. The thing is he doesn't want to just have sex. He makes love to me and gets upset if I don't want to stay the night. When we see each other he wants to kiss and hold me as if we were more than friends. My heart just can't handle the mixed signals. We agree that the friendship is invaluable to us both, and we've tried to go sex-free. It just keeps coming back to this.

Daytime Friends/ Night time Lovers


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A:  He really is in love with you. He's just afraid of being hurt again. Have patience.
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B:  You really think he's in love with you and you're using sex to hold onto him. What an idiot! Get over yourself.
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C:  Just stop screwing! Find somebody else to do that with and this guy will eventually fall out of love with your vagina.
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D:  Just keep doing what you're doing. There's abnothing wrong with two consenting adults suffering the consequences of having absolutely no self control.

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