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Dear Anyone,

I'm in a relationship that needs serious HELP! We are living together with his 7-year old son and dog. We have a great relationship. So, what's the problem? I don't like his son or his dog. I know I can't get rid of both but I am so unhappy around them. I avoid going home until I know that the little boy is alseep. I even leave the house early if I know he is around. This is my house and I shouldn't have to hate being at home. Should I end the relationship because of my unhappiness? Or should I suffer and live in this hellhole?



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A:  Dogs and kids are gross! Kick the whole lot of them out of your house even if if it means things will be a bit more lonely around there.
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B:  This kid can't be so bad and neither can the dog. Either way, if the relationship is good you'll have to put up with the downsides too.
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C:  Spend some time trying to build a relationship with the kid. Who knows, you may soon learn to get along.

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