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Dear Anyone,

My wife asked me what would I do if she cheated. I asked her if she did cheat, and she became evasive and said, "Well, oral sex isn't cheating." Another time she asked the same question. Again, I asked her if she did cheat and she said she wouldn't tell me until she knew what I would do. She also insinuates she is having or has had oral sex with other people. Is she cheating? Should I worry?Please help.



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A:  You should definitely worry. Tell her what you would do if she cheated, and then get the truth from her.
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B:  Ask for a divorce already. She's already told you she's been cheating, though not in so many words.
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C:  This sounds like some marital head-games, but certainly nothing to get worked up about. Relax and hope this issue fades away.
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D:  Time for a spy-cam or a private investigator. You need to get to the bottom of things.

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