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Dear Anyone,

I like a guy my age at work. The problem is that he is still a student, and I am a full-time employee. Fortunately, we work in different departments, but were we to start dating, it might be considered inappropriate by our superiors and co-workers. Even worse, I cannot stop myself from flirting with him whenever I need to go to the water cooler. He has another year left of school, and then will be moving back across the country. Do I risk it for a love that might not have the opportunity to grow?

Sighing Over the Student


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A:  Forget him, girl. Look for someone outside the cubicles.
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B:  Chance it. Who knows? Love might be a water-cooler conversation away.
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C:  Let him make the first move. If he does, date him, but keep it on the sly.
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D:  Why are we worrying about this in the 21st century? No one follows these quaint no-dating-at-work rules any more.

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