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Dear Anyone,

The same week I signed up to do internet dating, I met someone the old-fashioned way, through a friend. As we went on several dates over the next five weeks, I went on a dozen first dates with women I was chatting with online. Nobody online turned out to be as wonderful as the friend of a friend, so there were no attempted kisses and I didn't request any second dates, and then one night I kissed the friend of a friend and things heated up rapidly in a flurry of dates that week ending with my spending the night at her house. The next morning, I hid my online profiles and cancelled dates I had lined up, and have been seeing this woman exclusively (without us ever talking about this). I feel sort of guilty, even though I'm sure I did nothing wrong. I also want to tell her just to let her know how much more I liked her than anyone met online. I'm just not sure how she'd receive the news. She's really, really into me and would probably like the affirmation from me, but she was also dumped by her ex-husband for another woman a couple of years ago.

Online Dater Smitten by Offline Girl


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A:  Tell her because she'll appreciate you starting things off open and honest.
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B:  Tell her because she'll be flattered that she beat out a dozen girls to win your heart.
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C:  Don't tell her. The upside is small (you're already dating her) and the downside is huge (she might get upset and dump you).
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D:  Don't tell her, because you SHOULD feel guilty. You should have hid your profile when you met her, not when you spent the night at her house.

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