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Dear Anyone,

I was dating this guy for almost one year and suspected he was cheating. Well, I figured out the code to his voice mail and found out he was still married (not separated either). He works out of state and he also had another girlfriend besides me. I also found out his wife is pregnant with their 4th child. I know his wife's phone number and deep down I feel she should know what kind of liar she is married to, but I am also concerned about what kind of retaliation he will take, because he knows that I know the truth and will figure out that it was me that told her.

Confused in Maryland


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A:  Call the wife. You'd be doing her--and other unsuspecting women--a great service.
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B:  Forget it and move on. Your goal should always be to extract yourself from problems, not walk into them.
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C:  Encourage the husband to fess up to his wife. You never know, he might have a conscience.
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D:  Contact the other girlfriend and see if you two can come up with a plan together. Strength in numbers, right?

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