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Dear Anyone,

I met my best friend in sixth grade, and ever since then, me and her have been inseparable. People have always asked me why I've never asked her out, and I always tell them that we're just friends. However, since summer has come, and we're both heading into ninth grade, there have been a few instances where I wish we were together. But nothing stands out like last night. We were listening to music in my room, I layed down on my bed, and she layed her head on my chest and started listening to my heartbeat. Then that love song "Iris" came on, and she cuddled up closer to me. I even put my arm around her. We layed there for another 20 minutes, until she had to leave, and before she left she gave me a long, romantic kiss. I talked to her just today, and she didn't mention it, but I think she loves me, and I really love her now. Should I ask her out and risk our friendship? Please tell me!

A Guy In Love


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A:  Of course! It's so obvious after that!
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B:  No, don't risk it. You can keep your best friend, and date other girls. That's even better.
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C:  Wait for her to ask. Girls can blow hot and cold, so maybe the kiss didn't mean anything, especially since she didn't mention it.
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D:  Don't "ask her out." Just ask her to listen to music again, re-create the magic, and take it from there.

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