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Dear Anyone,

My husband is very critical. He is trying to change, but in the time that we've been married, he has criticized me "out" of fashion.

While dating (and before we were married), I was somewhat freakish in the way I dressed. Age naturally began to tone things down, but he criticized me out of thrift shopping and almost anything that is not "safely" alternative.

To this day, my tendency is toward creative (and unusual) dress. Whenever I buy something that isn't a solid color, or isn't that safe "slightly alternative" Banana Republic look, he doesn't like the way I look.


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A:  Don't listen to your husband. You're the girl--dress how you want. Remind him that he married you knowing you were not mainstream.
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B:  Stick with solids and accessorize... safely. Your marriage is more important than this.
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C:  Can't you compromise? Dress safely in gatherings with hubby, but dress how you want when you're out with pals.
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D:  Become very skinny and he'll like the way you look in everything.

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