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Dear Anyone,

OK... I am REALLY confused about this one guys! I have worked at this office for two years now. I fell head over heels for this guy "Dave." But of course, with my luck, he's married with 2 kids--but unhappily married. I can't help it. I am crazy in love with this guy. I have always vowed never to do anything with a married man, but I really believe that he is my soulmate... or so I thought. Here comes the twist. About 3 months ago, Dave's brother "Matt" started to work here. He is younger and closer to my age than Dave, and divorced with no kids. And I get along with him just like I do with Dave. They are a lot alike. And they both like me. My question is, how could I possibly choose between them if it came down to it? I love them both. What's a girl to do?!



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A:  Choose Dave. After all, you fell in love with him first!
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B:  Duh... baby brother. Like you said, he is younger and completely available. You don't wanna break up a marriage, do ya?
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C:  Cross that bridge when you get to it. It's not like you have two marriage proposals on the table.
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D:  Neither. Obviously Dave shows that wedding vows mean nothing, and Matt is recently divorced. Either way, it's a bad choice!

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