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Dear Anyone,

I am over forty. I am single, pretty and look younger than my years. I am not skinny any more. It seems like all men want is a thin woman. Men are looking old but expect a princess. I look fine for my age... but I am starting to loose my confidence a little. I never used to believe all men cared about were looks. I am not sure now. Maybe I should just forget dating. I hate being alone though. What's a sweet-hearted, kind, pretty lady to do?

Not Young and Not Old ~


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A:  Quit dating and go it alone. Most single guys over forty are single for a reason, and you don't need the grief.
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B:  Internet date and search on. If you cast a wide net, you'll improve your chances of catching a half-decent fish.
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C:  Go to places where men hopefully aren't so shallow: church, book clubs, theatre societies, etc. You can't find quality in the singles scene.
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D:  Use men for free steak dinners--that's all the dogs are good for.

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