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Dear Anyone,

I'm being stalked online by an ex boyfriend and his current girlfriend, as well as her friends. They're constantly harassing me on websites, in IMs, and with prank phone calls. When I tried to ignore the problem, my ex spread rumors about me cheating on him, and how I'd probably cheat on the guy I'm with now. He makes as many people as he can believe that I'm a horrible person, and then sits back and lets other people do his dirty work in harassing me (I have quite a number of people who want to cause me bodily harm, and I don't even know their names) so I can't get away with filing a police report on him. The guy I'm with now is very understanding of the situation. We've been together for a year and this harassment hasn't stopped. I literally hate my ex, and I don't know how to make this stop. What should I do?



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A:  Don't react in any way. Ignore the harassment altogether, and hope that they all eventually get a life and start minding their own business.
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B:  Fight back. Confront all the people who contact you, and attempt to tell them your side of the story.
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C:  Try getting the cops involved for cyber-stalking if more threats are received. Your safety comes first.
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D:  The solution is easy. Just get a new unlisted phone number and a few new online identities, and the problem's solved.

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