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Dear Anyone,

I've been dating this guy for eight months or so, and I'm currently pregnant. Sometimes I love him more than anything, but other times, I wish I never met him. He is very verbally abusive, and when he puts me down and screams at me, he does admit he has a problem. He never wants to get help for these "problems" that he is having, and that worries me because of the baby I'm about to have. I honestly don't know if I'm in this relationship because I'm in love, or because I feel as though I have to be because of this kid. How do I find out if I truly love this guy, or should I let him go?

Hurting and Confused in Indiana


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B:  Use your imagination. If you can imagine a happy life without him, then you're probably not that in love and should move on.
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C:  Tell him how you feel, then take a break for a few weeks. After that, if you're still interested, and he's willing to change, give it another try.
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D:  Suck it up and stay with him (he's your baby's daddy, after all). Once you get pregnant, your priorities are second to the baby's.

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