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Dear Anyone,

My boyfriend and I broke up recently. We were supposed to be married and have kids together, etc. He broke up with me while we were in the midst of trying to buy a house, and asked if we could be friends. About a week of torture later, I gave him the ring back and he started crying. We mutually hugged, said we missed each other and loved each other very much... it seemed all perfect. Things led to things and we got together! But after all the "good times," he started saying he doesn't want to have my children any time soon. What is that supposed to mean? Is it over or is he just confused?

I Don't Know


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B:  Call your mom, a counselor, or both. The guy is messed up, and only a trained third party close to the situation can tell you if he really loves you.
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C:  This guy is playing you, girl! He just wants sex, and will say and do anything to get it.
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D:  The guy has cold feet about getting hitched. Who doesn't? Cut the man some slack and quit worrying.

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