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Dear Anyone,

I have been seeing a girl for 7 years. Last night, I got drunk at her friend's wedding and got rowdy. She got really embarrassed and said "she felt like she was babysitting me." This pissed me off because, normally, I am not a drinker. She is well known in our circle of friends to be a heavy drinker, able to keep up with the guys. She often gets drunk/sick and I'm usually the one keeping an eye on her. This incident has left me feeling extremely betrayed.

We've been talking about getting married ourselves and I have saved up $4000 so far to buy a ring. I am now considering leaving her.

Royally Pissed Off (But Sober Now)


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A:  Tell her you don't need a babysitter and leave her. You don't want to marry someone with double standards.
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B:  You got drunk and rowdy at a wedding. Sheesh, apologize already and make up.
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C:  You're giving up on a 7 year relationship over such a trivial incident? Don't get married... your relationship obviously isn't that solid.
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D:  Leave her. Then go and buy a 52" TV with the ring money to cheer yourself up!

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