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Dear Anyone,

I have been thinking of leaving my girlfriend after being together for a month now. She has been trying to take control over everything we do together. Once, we argued over some little issue, and she was convinced that the problem was me and ONLY me. I tried to listen and advise on ways to deal with these matters if things crop up again in the future. But nothing seems to work and I have been repeatedly accused of being the determining factor to ALL problems. She shouts, bombards me with false accusations and even call me names, causing me to have second thoughts about us. I decided to leave her be for a while to cool down. A few days later she came crawling back to me and asked if I would come over for dinner. We talked but nothing was resolved. She's still pointing fingers at me for what I have done. I think it is unfair and unreasonable to not give me the chance to point out her mistakes as well. What should I do?

Unhappy and Confused Down Under


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A:  Get some couple's counselling, read a self-help book... anything. You two aren't going to work out your problems on your own.
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B:  You say you're listening, but are you really? Change a few behaviors, and maybe your relationship will improve.
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C:  Leave now. If she loves to play the blame game but refuses to accept criticism herself, your girlfriend is not "long term" material.
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D:  She needs a course in anger management. Don't bother with the relationship until she gets help.

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