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Dear Anyone,

I have been married for 10 years now - 4 of which have been loveless. I am a disabled veteran living only on a small pension and social security. I also have cancer. I get no support emotionally from my husband. I had surgery to remove the cancer but the veterans hospital made a major mistake and ruined my voice. I am waiting for their decision on how much they will now pay me monthly. I don't know whether to stay here or move away to another state. This is my 4th marriage and I was the one to always walk away. Moving is so expensive and I will have to have new doctors. I really do not know what to do. Anyone have any suggestions? I am not happy here in Florida.

Hopeless in Florida


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A:  Moving to another state and living alone on a pension isn't going to be much better. Tough it out and just try to make your marriage work.
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B:  Break free and move to another state. Happiness is worth the cost of moving.
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C:  Leave your unsupportive husband, but stay in Florida and keep your doctors. You don't want to start again with cancer treatment.
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D:  Hire a lawyer on contingency and sue the veterans hospital for the botched surgery. A big payout will help your life.

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