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Dear Anyone,

My wife has been a cold, unaffectionate woman and a great mother. For 21 years, I have endured this relationship, and now our college-age daughter, who sleeps until 12 every day, hedges on getting a job.

We've tried counseling and my wife always turns it to, "You have to make me want to have sex with you," even though she has never initiated it and rarely touches me. Yet she'll pick up one of our cats and nuzzle it, etc. She thinks I am being ridiculous when I bring this fact up. I am a professional and don't know where else to turn. Do I stay? Is there a book to read?

Watching and Waiting


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A:  Leave. If your wife has affection for everyone but you, then there are deep-seated relationship issues here that won't get fixed.
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B:  Give counseling another try, and ask your wife to keep an open mind. It doesn't hurt to try.
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C:  Read "Relationship Rescue" by Dr. Phil. If the big fella can't help you, no one can.
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D:  Kick your daughter out of the house and get rid of the cats. Maybe that'll get your wife to focus some attention on you.

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