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Dear Anyone,

I have a real problem with my current girlfriend and my ex-girlfriend. At the moment, I am with my current girlfriend and things are going good, but I can't stop comparing her to my ex, who I split with over 2 years ago now. Whenever I compare my current girlfriend to my ex, it's my ex who always comes out on top, and it's the same with people I have dated in between. We are still friends and speak to each other now and then. I am starting to think that maybe there is only one for me out there and we broke up!

In Need of Some Sound Advice in the UK


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A:  Give your head a shake and forget about your ex. She isn't coming back, and you're not giving your current girlfriend a fair shake.
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B:  Finish with your current girlfriend. If you think like you do, then there's no future with her.
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C:  Say goodbye to your current girlfriend, and if you still pine after your ex, get in touch and see how the two of you get on.
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D:  Play it safe. Put your cards on the table and tell your ex how you feel. If she feels the same, then dump your current girl.

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