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Dear Anyone,

I'm white and divorced, and my boyfriend is Chinese and has never been married. We agree on just about everything except the wedding. He would like to have a large, elaborate affair (e.g. Ang Lee's "The Wedding Banquet") to meet his parents' expectations, as well as his own. I have always felt second weddings are supposed to be more modest, and I'm uncomfortable having a big, fancy wedding. I'd rather spend the money on a nice, private wedding in the Bahamas. What should we do?

White and Uptight in Tallahassee


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A:  Give your boyfriend the wedding he wants. Chinese need big face.
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B:  Meet in the middle. Throw a banquet, but insist on a smaller guest list.
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C:  Refuse to marry him unless you get your way. Weddings are for brides.
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D:  Take him to Vegas, get him drunk, and voila!

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