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Dear Anyone,

My husband of 5 years is having an affair. We have no children. I have talked to him and we both realize that we both let the flame burn out in our marriage. I did leave him for about 4 months because he was having an affair. But, when I found out that she started sleeping in my home it really upset me. So, I went back home, not only because it is my home, but also because I love my husband very much. He says he is not sure that he wants a divorce and shows me that he cares about me dearly, but he will not leave his girlfriend. I honestly think she is a bit of a fatal attraction. But I think if my husband really cared about me he would leave her. Would it be terribly wrong to continue living with him for financial reasons? He sees nothing wrong with him sleeping with his girlfriend every once and a while then coming home to me.


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D:  Give him an ultimatum: you or the other woman. His answer will tell you everything you need to know.

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