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Dear Anyone,

I met my soulmate online 10 months ago through a mutual interest. We get on amazingly--like 2 peas in a pod!(He agrees with this!) We speak about 4 times a day for hours on the phone and text all day! We live a few hours away and I have children but he does not. He had a nervous breakdown 6 years ago after a bad relationship and it took a lot to get him to a comfortable place but with limitations. He had resigned himself to not having a relationship again. He adores me but says he is scared of not being able to cope with the responsibility and doesn't want to let me down, especially as I have children and we live so far apart--so it's extra pressure. I am not looking for a father for my kids--they have one! Plus they are nearly and just teens! I am not a great traveller but I really love him and I know he does me. The practical side is really getting me down. We tried to wean ourselves off eachother a few times but couldn't bear it.
Help!!(Thank you in advance).

Frustrated and sad, London


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A:  Have more willpower and stop contact. If he comes back to you it was meant to be.
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B:  Try to find someone else with fewer problems!
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C:  Try to meet up more to get physically closer.
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D:  Keep on as you are going slowly and he will trust you enough eventually and realise he can cope.

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