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Dear Anyone,

I'm in a complex situation. I've worked with a woman for a few years and we've always been attracted to each other. I could never act on it because I was married. About a year ago I decided to end the bad marriage and started visiting her outside of work. We really hit it off. There was never any sex, just heavy flirting and a lot of intimate conversation. She was, and still is, seeing someone else. She gave indications that she would be interested in seeing me if her situation didn't work out.

I've been separated for over six months. We were starting to really fall for each other, and then a few months ago I told her I wasn't going to be able to file for a few months for legal reasons. That's when I noticed her starting to distance herself a bit. We still remain friends, but we don't see other as much. I'm still very interested in pursuing a relationship with her.

In a quandry.....


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A:  Write it off to bad timing and forget her.
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B:  Remain friends and let whatever happens, happen.
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C:  She's lost interest waiting on me.
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D:  Stop pursuing what, for her, was just an infatuation.

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