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Dear Anyone,

I had a girlfriend for about 2 months she is the one who first wanted to go out. Then after two months she broke up with me because she wanted to become better friends, I understood that and agreed. Then a few weeks later she told my best friends she wanted to go out again, they told me and we gave it another shot. Just a week later she broke up with me and she thought I would understand which I kind of did. Then I was talking to her locker buddy and she said that she thought I was Gothic and thats what she doesn't like about me and she said it was because she wanted to become better friends. So I got offended and she feels really bad. I haven't forgiven her yet.

offended in jr. high


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A:  You are being too sensitive and please forgive her
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B:  Apologize for being offended
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C:  Wait for her to apologize

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