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Dear Anyone,

2 years ago I dumped my girlfriend of 1.5 years. We continued having sex, even to this day. The sex is perfect and we seem to be perfect for each other, but due to the fact that we're still very young, we want to try dating other people and avoid falling back in love with each other. However I have difficulty finding a girlfriend and she seems to have difficulty finding a boyfriend. We've tried discontinuing the sex/love and remaining friends, but doing this is very very difficult for the both of us. What do I do?

Loser in the southern hemisphere


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A:  Just date her, you're perfect for each other!
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B:  Keep an open relationship. Have sex and love, and try out other people on the side
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C:  Distance yourselves from each other (no sex), but remain friends
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D:  Just forget her, it's the only way

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