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Dear Anyone,

I have been dating a woman for nearly two years. We met when she was separated from her husband who had been cheating constantly on her. Our relationship started out very affectionate and I felt that she truly cared for me and showed it many ways.

Since then, we had several issues that continue to reappear over the a year and half. She has stated that space is a huge issue for her. She believes that I haven't given her enough space until she had to ignore me to get me to see how important it is for her. I understood that situations have been working hard to allow the space she requires. We have somewhat good communication, but typically, it will come to an argument. I have had an issue with affection and intimacy, that I believe is slowly disappearing. Basically there is none coming from her unless I press the issue. This will usually push her further away and we will not talk for a day or so, then she will act as if nothing has happened. When I bring this to her in conversation she would say that she isn't as interested because I am "always around her and almost suffocating her". I have understood that she is someone seriously stressed because of financial debt, family issues, friend issues, etc. In the last month or so, I have worked hard on backing off and allowing the space she requires, but I'm beginning to wonder if she truly cares about me and am wondering how to go about finding if my concern is real or just a fabrication of my thought.

I have considered walking away from the relationship for awhile hoping that it will open her eyes, but am wondering if this is immature, and if so, will it blow up in my face?

Not sure what I should do


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B:  Let it go and ignore the thoughts

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