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Dear Anyone,

I am almost 17 years old. I love this guy, he's one of my best friend. I've been in love with him for the past 2 years, from the moment I met him! At first I thought it was only a crush, but, then I realized I loved him more than myself, I am ready to do everything for him! The problem is he's been with a girl he loves for a year and a half, so I surely have no possibility! He's very caring he gets crazy when something happens to me! The problem is that I try to let go and try to kiss others but after 5 minutes kissing I get confused and deeply sad and run away crying!! How can I solve this problem and let him go too?

hopelessly in love with the wrong guy


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A:  It is normal to feel confused and sometimes escape but you should try more and maybe one day you will let go
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B:  You will never let go of him! first love is never forgotten!!
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C:  Only an idiot escapes while kissing !!
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D:  Don't try to escape from yourself, from your feelings and your love for this boy.

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