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Dear Anyone,

I met this man online. We went on a date and everything went well. We continued to talk on the phone for several days. One night at about 11:30, he was talking about how interested he was in me. He even made plans with me to go on a second date. The next day, I talk to him at about 12:00 pm to confirm our date so I could get a babysitter, everything was fine and he said he would pick me up. A hour before we are set to met up, he calls and tells me he doesn't think it's going to work out. WHAT!? He waits an hour before we are supposed to leaving to tell me that? When he knows I'm already dressed and got a babysitter. How rude! And he didn't even give me a real reason, he just said it's a "feeling" he got. He was just so rude and callous about it. My mom met this man, she bragged about how nice and nice looking he was to my family. And now this. What did I do wrong?

Sick of Dating


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A:  Obviously, the man is too fickle to be with anybody. Just forget about it and move on.
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B:  Don't blame yourself for somebody else's lack of consideration
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C:  He owes you a real explanation and an apology. Get in touch with him to see what the deal is.
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D:  Email him to tell him that you are still interested if he can get over his cold feet.

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