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Dear Anyone,

I am seeing this guy I am completely crazy about. We are friends with benefits. He was in a crazy relationship and is really scared I guess to commit. The sex is amazing and we get along so well. When we are together he is very affectionate and passionate. I am absolutely crazy about him and it's driving me crazy not to know where I stand with him. He is the sweetest man I have ever met and would do anything for me. I want more and I understand that he has been through a lot but I feel like I am being paralysed because I cannot say how I really feel in fear of losing him. It's getting really hard for me and it's eating me up. I hate waiting for him to decide when he wants to see me when I want to see him. We both are raising children so our schedules are kinda crazy. It breaks my heart to know that if I do mention something I will be hurt from what he might say to me. I want to try to shake him off or back off for a while to see if he will notice or open up to me. I think we would be the perfect couple. We have the same goals, insight about a lot of stuff, chemistry is there and our birthdays are 3 days apart. I want to know what our future holds. Two weeks ago I sent him a suggestion of going away by email but he never mentioned it at all so I don't know what to think.

Hopelessly in love


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A:  Forget about him and just be friends. He is just using you for the time being until he finds someone else.
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B:  Take the risk and tell him how you feel. At least it won't eat you up anymore even if you do loose him.
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C:  Maintain a holding pattern. Keep things where they are and see what happens.
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D:  Take a break from him for a while and see if he chases.

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