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Dear Anyone,

I'm a college student, 21 years old, about a 5 or 6 months ago I was in a college class with an extremely beautiful woman. I'd throw a look her way and find that she'd be looking back at me. I think I might have held a door for her at one time but no more real contact than that. I'm still not exactly sure why she was looking back at me. Maybe it was because she thought I was a creepy guy staring at her, but maybe she did indeed find me attractive. So here I am today, I transferred to a different university still in the same town, and just last week I was reminded of her, and now she's all I can think about! A couple days ago I was on Facebook (an online student directory). I found her name on there after doing a search. Her information and everything was privatized but there was an option to send her a message. Besides her name, the only other piece of information shown was the college she is currently attending, which coincidentally happens to be the university I just transferred to. Would it be appropriate of me to send her a message over the internet asking her out to dinner or meeting her for a coffee? I've run through it in my mind and I'm worried she'd think I'm a stalker, and to be honest, the whole situation even in my eyes sounds REALLY stalker-esque, which has me re-evaluating myself and who I am. If I sent her a message clearly explaining the situation would it scare the living crap out of her, or do you think she'd be receptive? There's no other way to ask her out now outside of the internet, unless I just happen to have another course with her at this new university, but honestly, what is the chance of that happening? I'm not entirely sure she even knows my name, in fact, I'd be willing to bet she doesn't. (I only know her name because I overheard it when the Professor called her name.) She's all I can think about and I would love to meet her...

Mr. Confused


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A:  Send her a message via the internet!
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B:  Don't send her the message at all. (That'd be just creepy)
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C:  While it would be more stalker-esque, try to find out her class schedule so that you can "coincidently run into her outside of class."

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