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Dear Anyone,

I am currently experiencing a very large problem in my love life. I am in love with two people.

One, I have been in love with for two years running, and he has just now confessed that he, too, has loved me for almost the entire two year period. (Note: This person, we will call Miyavi, I was in a relationship with, two years ago. The relationship lasted almost four months, and was based on deep conversations, feelings, and some, but not much, physical intimacy. We did not take part in sex.)

The second person I just broke up with because of confusion over this issue. (Note: We will call this person Midori. I was with him for one day short of six months. The relationship was based on feelings, short conversations, and much physical intimacy. We took part in sex many times.)

This issue in getting to my heart and it is very painful. I have milled it over in my mind to the point of insomnia on some occasions. My real problem is that sometimes I may know who I love more, but I fear breaking the heart of the other. Other times I do not know who has captured my heart the best.
Thank you so much for helping me with my problem.

Loving Two Much


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A:  Seek professional help...immediately.
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B:  You should be with Midori. Don't let the other guy distract you from this relationship anymore.
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C:  You should be with Miyavi. After all you say you loved him for 2 years.
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D:  If it isn't clear to you, you shouldn't be with either. Go date a little more.

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