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Dear Anyone,

I'm in college, taking classes all day, and working a full-time job (working until late at night). I have other commitments outside of that and very little free time. I know I should hold off on starting any relationships right now, but there is someone I am very interested in and the feeling is mutual. Should I try to squeeze a relationship into my busy schedule?

Very Busy in Illinois


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A:  Go for it and hope like heck that she understands you won't have that much time for her.
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B:  Hold off for now and hope she's still interested later. Good things come to those who wait.
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C:  Forget about the whole thing. Love needs to be attentively nurtured, not squeezed into your life.
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D:  Dude, you gotta make time for love. Ask her out, skip a few classes, and cut back on your shifts, and you'll be a happy guy.

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