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Dear Anyone,

I'm currently going through a divorce, which is the best thing for both of us. I've been away from home for some years and recently came back. I started hanging out with my best friend again and it so happens he has a sister that I like. I never thought too much about it because she's younger and I never really spent time with her until recently. She started hanging out with us and I found out she likes me a lot. Well the problem is that she has a boyfriend, which she complains about all the time but just won't break up with him because she said she's not like that. She spends more time talking and hanging out with me though. I know what I'd like to happen, but it's not up to me.

Tight Spot


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A:  Stay the course. Her relationship with her boyfriend will end eventually and then you'll be there to snap her up.
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B:  If she's not willing to break up her current relationship then you should just move on.
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C:  She's into you. You know that much. Make a move.

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