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Dear Anyone,

I have been married for two years. Most of the time it has been a good marriage. Lately however we have been having problems. I want to move home to the town where my parents are from and my husband is unwilling. This has caused all aspects of our relationship to suffer, including being intimate.

Lately, I have been having regrets about our marriage. I ask myself, will every decision be this way? This makes me think back to happier times, when I dated my first love and at 17 he asked me to marry him. I thought we were too young so I said we should wait. Then we had a bad breakup and have't spoken since. Now I wonder, should I have just married him? Would I have been happier? I compare my husband to this first love constantly (not aloud of course). How can I deal with this?

Struggling in Kentucky


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A:  Forget it, and move on. You had your chance with your first love. Tough it out where you are.
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B:  Pursue your wishes and move. If your husband loves you, he'll move too.
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C:  Tell your husband about your concerns. It will help you both work through your troubles.
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D:  Call the ex. It's not too late to try for true love.

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