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Dear Anyone,

I'm worried sick about my wife. She's been acting really strangely lately, and she seems really jumpy when I come home from work. She's a housewife and she stays at home while I go out to work. I've tried to keep her happy, but I can't help thinking she's bored, and I'm scared she's having an affair behind my back. I haven't found any evidence to confront her with, but I'm sure she's doing something. She's also been acting really weird around my two brothers, like she doesn't like them. I've tried to get them interested in spending time with each other, but they seem hostile towards each other.

Worried stiff


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A:  Cheat alert! Divorce your wife
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B:  Quit your job to save your marriage.
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C:  Spice up your nights
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D:  Organize family games nights

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