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Dear Anyone,

I'm back again. I am the one who was talking about my ex being gay, and I am married but not happy but in love with my ex. Well I found out that my ex is NOT gay! This makes me happy. But I'm still confused on how to go about with my marriage. I really don't love my husband anymore. The only thing we have is friendship and he is a great father to our child. But he wants to give us another chance and this is the 3rd time. To be honest I can't get myself to fall in love again with him. He ignored me for so long that it stayed with me. I've tried, really, but I just can't, and it has nothing to do with my ex. And my ex and I are great friends, and we love each other. Should I get divorced or not? I'm such a soft person, that I'm terrified of hurting my husband's feelings. What should I do?

Really confused


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A:  Get divorced, and get back with your ex
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B:  Give it another try for the 4th time
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C:  Wait until things get worse

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