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Dear Anyone,

I'm having girlfriend trouble. I just broke up with her for the second time, and this is even worse than the first time. I suggested that we just stay friends from now on, because I wasn't feeling the love, and it seemed to me that we were just friends...not even good or best friends, just friends...

So I wrote her an e-mail (not much else I can do since she lives a few states away) conveying my feelings...and she took it terribly out of proportion. But this is where the problem lies. She loves me still, she loves me so much...but I can't return her feelings. I've cut off all contact from her, aside from my best friend that we share, and I don't know what to do...

Troubled One


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A:  Ignore her. If she didn't understand you the first time you said it, screw it.
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B:  Get back together with her, maybe things will change? You just have to work at it.
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C:  First off, you two live states away, it's an internet relationship- it won't work to begin with. You need some one that you can be with physically...
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D:  ...and understand you emotionally. (Select C or D for the 3rd choice)

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