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Dear Anyone,

I really love a guy and we've been going out for quite a long time. Our problem is that we're of different cultures. Our relationship is exciting and we can't live without each other. We're quite opposite and this is what makes us so attracted to each other. We've even talked about marrying when I finish university.

A few weeks back, he told his dad about us. At first, his dad was serious about it but when he learned that I was of different culture, he disapproved completely and told my lover he didn't want to hear about it and that it was out of question. I was entirely heartbroken and I've been crying since then.

I love him so much and I can't imagine the rest of my life without him. We've built a very strong bond. My lover is heartbroken as well and doesn't want to talk about this situation anymore. He avoids the topic because it's a very sensitive matter. My parents would have reacted the same if they knew about him. Please help me. I'm really in love of this guy.

In love but disapproved


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A:  Follow your heart, it's YOUR life. Marry him and don't listen to your parents.
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B:  Break up with him right now! Family first.
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C:  Continue your relationship until the time comes to decide about what to do.
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D:  Respect your parents and find another guy who both of your parents would approve of.

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