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Dear Anyone,

Okay. My boyfriend and me have been very happy together for a year and a half. But he found out that I've been just talking to this guy for 2 months and that he came over my house twice. But we didn't kiss, hug, touch, absolutely nothing. And when my boyfriend found out, I was on my knees begging him but he hit and punched me a lot. And then later we talked and we had sex. I thought he forgave me but turns out he got head from another girl and he kissed her chest. And that now we can work things out but he keeps mentioning it and now I mean less to him when he still means the same or even more now. Despite what he did, I realize I truly cannot live without him. But, he don't see that in me. I'm a hoe to him. But why? I didn't give my body or mind to that boy. But he gave his body away. And he beat me. And I'm still begging. What should I do? I want to be with him. Just I'm so confused.

The Begging Girlfriend


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