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Dear Anyone,

I met my boyfriend two years ago. he was visiting his dad for Christmas. He lived with his mom 1,000 miles away. For six months we talked constantly on the phone. all night all day. He came up for the summer and we had the best time ever. Then he went to college. Since then we have gone back and fourth from state to state to see each other. We have never had doubts. He's almost done with college now and so I moved in with his mom so I could have a job by the time he got back. Well I can't stand being away from my family and I am moving back. He doesn't want to do so. He said he is going to stay at home and get a job for a while and then move with me. I told him he won't move back up and I know I am right. Why won't he make a sacrifice for me like I did for him. He has family where I live. I have no one down here.

confused and hurt.


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A:  Ask him to move for you
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B:  Just find out if he is really in love with you
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C:  Sit for a discussion and explain things to him in the proper way

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