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Dear Anyone,

3 years ago I dumped a friend that I had known for over 15 years because in the last 5 years she had become one of those "toxic" people that takes and takes and never gives. She made me feel horrible and really wasn't a friend anymore, so I cut off all contact with her.

Two days ago, she left a voice message with my sisters asking them to give me her number and ask me to call her. She said that there were "no hard feelings" and she had "exciting news" that I would want to hear. I really want nothing to do with her--she's bad news. I feel like this is a tricky way for her to get into my life again, and I'm upset she used my family to find me. Should I call her back or forget about it?

Angry, Suspicious and Curious


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A:  Call her back from a payphone (thus disguising your number) and find out what she has to say. A call can't hurt.
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B:  Forget about it. Once a toxic friend, always a toxic friend.
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C:  Learn to forgive. Maybe she's a new person, and everyone deserves a second chance.
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D:  Get someone to call her for you to get the scoop. Heck, if she won the lottery and wants to share, you'd call her back, wouldn't you?

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