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Dear Anyone,

I did not meet my father until I was a teenager. When I contacted him I found out that I had siblings. The problem is that they live far away, and I feel so disconnected from all of them. It doesn't help that none of my sibs knew about me previously. It has made for a strained relationship. None of them calls or emails me, even though I have tried repeatedly to be in contact with them. The phone rings both ways, why am I the one doing all the work? How long do I have to pay for being the skeleton in the closet? Should I give up on being a part of my family?

Sad sister to several super siblings


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A:  Keep trying, blood is thicker than water.
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B:  Give up, they obviously don't want to have anything to do with you.
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C:  Tell them how you feel. Maybe they aren't aware that they are causing you pain.
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D:  Pitch a hissy fit to daddy and make HIM deal with it.

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