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  A:  Not weird at all. It's good you're close to your f ...        33%
  B:  For your age it's unhealthy. You should be grown u ...        21%
  C:  It's probably a phase because of your break-up and ...        23%
  D:  If you're this close to them at 21 it's probably a ...        24%
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Dear Anyone,

When I was about 4 or 3 my dad passed away and well it was just too much for my mom. So I never talked and asked questions about him. I kept every thing bottled up and almost every thing else bottled up too. When I get emotional or sad I take it out on food, and then I run about a mile or so after to get rid of the food. I think there's something wrong with me and when I eat the large amount of food my mom calls me fat or pig. So it just makes me want to eat more, and I end up feeling lonely in the world. What do i do?



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A:  Tell your mom everything
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B:  Don't worry its just a phase
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C:  Go to someone whom you trust will help

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