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Dear Anyone,

Okay, the reason for my letter is that I have a sister who is overbearing! She tries to control her 18 year-old daughter, who by the way is in college. And my sister's son, who is 19, is married and living beside her. Her daughter confided something to be--and trust me, it was nothing major--but my sister found out and went ballistic and now we are not speaking to each other. We have always been close, but within the last few months, my sister has tried to control the way I raise my kids and mine are even older. I always keep to myself and never interfere in her situations, so there's my dilemma....

Concerned in Florida


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A:  Don't stress over it. There's nothing you can do to change your sister's personality, so just try to adjust to it.
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B:  She needs to let her kids grow up! Tell your sister she needs to cut the apron strings already.
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C:  Just let your sister sulk. She'll realize the folly of her ways soon and will want to make amends.
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D:  Try a sisterly heart-to-heart. Maybe there are things that are going on in her life that you don't know about.

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