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Dear Anyone,

My wife and I had our first child this year. She was born in May. My parents live close to us and my wife's family lives in Nevada. Each year we switch off where we spend Christmas. This year we are supposed to go to my in-laws. However, this is my parents first grandchild. My wife's parents have one grandchild already and have another one that was born a week after our daughter. I want to spend Christmas this year at home with my parents for our daughter's first Christmas. However, my wife's parents are expecting us to go to them this year. My wife and I have discussed what to do, but we can't decide. Should we spend our baby's first Christmas at home or at my in-laws? We need advice.

Christmas Undecided


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A:  Spend baby's Christmas at home with new Grandparents.
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B:  Have baby's first Christmas with in-laws since it is their turn.

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