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  A:  Call him up and say "Hey Dad!" regardless of family.        33%
  B:  Leave it alone. You've gone 27 years without knowing.        19%
  C:  Discretely try to contact him alone to see what he ...        27%
  D:  Find a way to get to know him without actually rev ...        20%
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Dear Anyone,

My husband and I fight constantly about money. We have different goals as to how we want to spend our money. I want to buy a house and stop paying rent; he wants to buy a new car. I'm a stay at home mom with three kids, and he works full time and supports our family financially. If we can't agree, who should be able to make the money decisions?

Proud and Dependent in Florida


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A:  Let him buy the new car and wait a few more years to move. If he makes the dough, he makes the decisions.
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B:  The person who's making the smarter decision gets to spend the money. A house is a good financial investment. A new car is just a fancy toy. You win.
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C:  Get a divorce. Decisions should be made together, and if you can't agree on important life goals, maybe it's time to move on.
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D:  Put the kids in daycare and work full time. Maybe that way you can afford everything.

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