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  A:  Call him up and say "Hey Dad!" regardless of family.        33%
  B:  Leave it alone. You've gone 27 years without knowing.        19%
  C:  Discretely try to contact him alone to see what he ...        27%
  D:  Find a way to get to know him without actually rev ...        20%
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Dear Anyone,

I'm 14 now. When I was 8 my dad committed suicide. He was my best friend and I didn't really have any other friends. I was definetly a daddy's girl. We went swimming, played softball, did everything together. My mother lied to me about what really happened. She said he fell down the stairs and hit one of his organs. When I turned 13 I finally figured the truth out. My best friend had commmited suicide. I can't help but think that my family or I did something wrong. We never knew he was as depressed as he was. Am I to blame?

Sad and Lonely


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A:  Your father had severe depression and wasn't treated for it. He was in a very emotional state and it is not your fault or anyone else's fault.
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B:  Maybe you or someone in your family did something to hurt him emotionally, and pushed him over the edge.
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C:  You are totally to blame. What else explains the suicide?

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