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  A:  Get over it!        33%
  B:  This is a difficult situation and can be very lone ...        22%
  C:  You've got an uphill climb ahead of you. Just stay ...        21%
  D:  Confront your family and tell them that they have ...        24%
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Dear Anyone,

I have a pretty universal problem, I think. I really find my in-laws annoying. My father-in-law has these set views, and having a conversation with him is more like listening to a sermon delivered by a monk from the Dark Ages. My mother-in-law is bossy, and likes to offer her unwelcome opinions about how my wife and I can improve our lives--from cleaning the kitchen to upgrading our educational credentials. My blood pressure rises every time I see them, but I'm running out of excuses to avoid them. I've talked to my wife about my feelings, and she understands, but she thinks I should just grin and bear it. My folks have both passed away, so she's never dealt with in-laws and I don't think she has a reference point. What should I do?

Enough of the Fokkers in Queens


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A:  Your wife's right. Grin and bear it, because you married into the family, not just your wife.
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B:  Press your case with your wife. She's the one in the middle, so it's really her job to make sure that all the important people in her life get along.
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C:  Keep making excuses. Preserving your peace of mind is worth a little grumbling from the in-laws.
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D:  Confront your in-laws yourself. If you let them walk all over you, they'll never change.

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