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  C:  Hell no! This is his fault. Let him figure it out.        29%
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Dear Anyone,

There is an 18 year old sneaking over to my house to have sex with my 14 year-old step daughter when her mom and I are both at work. He parks down the road so she can sneak off in his car. Her real father is completely against it but she tells him that they aren't together. I have even sent him links to her myspace where she brags about sex and drugs and her boyfriends. He is blinded by her lies when all he has to do is point and click. His answer is always a stern talking to and then he buys her something nice.

Her mom is afraid she will be moved to her father's house out of state. This could force her to pay child support to the father who didn't pay anything for 8 years but claimed her on his taxes. I have warned this 18 year-old to stay away from my home and daughter on email. I also went to his work to warn him but he wasn't there. We have contacted school about her leaving in a car with an adult that we do not approve of and she is supposed to be on bus. We called police to try and get restraint order, but police said we can't get one unless we prove something. I chased his car down street on foot when she jumped in his car. What can I do other than give him a disfiguring beating and then go to jail for it?

helplessly watching a life go down the wrong path


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A:  Beat him up and do the time.
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B:  Talk to him face to face and tell him to stay away from your step daughter.
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C:  You don't have power over the 18 year-old, but you can punish your step daughter. Keep her under tight watch.

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