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Dear Anyone,

The brother of my partner is getting married later this year. I am not looking forward to the wedding. My partner is best man. The reason that I am not looking forward to the wedding is our adoptive mother ("Audrey") has been making hurtful comments to everyone even though most of the people she knows have done nothing wrong. It all started when my brother ("Oliver") went searching for his biological parents without telling Audrey first. He has invited his biological mother ("Rosemarie") and his half-biological siblings to the wedding. Audrey has met Rosemarie and said to Rosemarie, 'You are stealing my son away. Audrey has begun to drink again and has been a bully, upsetting many people. Oliver is 27 years old and is entitled by law since the age of 18 to search his biological family. My partner of 3 years, "Claire" has been on the receiving end of some hurtful comments by Audrey. Claire has done nothing wrong and my partner is scared of the wedding, but I want Claire to be at the wedding as I want to show people her as many people have not met her. What shall I do if Audrey kicks up a fuss?

Dreading the wedding


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A:  Arrange for someone to ask Audrey to leave if she starts making people upset.
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B:  Expect arguments - its a wedding!
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C:  Ask people to stand up to Audrey and show her for the problem she truly is.
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D:  Ask guests not to get involved with Audrey and ignore her if she causes trouble.

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