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  A:  Initiate a heart to heart talk and encourage a new ...        31%
  B:  Insist your daughter leave him and live with you. ...        24%
  C:  Don't say anything. The only person he'll listen t ...        20%
  D:  Send a tip to the police and have him busted. This ...        24%
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Dear Anyone,

My daughter is getting married next month and does not want her dad to walk her down the aisle. He was a great dad, loved her and there are no issues. How do we deal with this? He is so hurt.

Helpless and Hurt in Massachusetts


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A:  Just let it go, and don't take it personally. Young people these days are just selfish and always want things their way.
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B:  Insist on knowing why. Such a serious snub deserves a full explanation. Obviously there is an issue.
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C:  Threaten to withdraw any payment you are making for the wedding or to boycott the wedding unless your daughter sticks with tradition.
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D:  Get family and friends to gang up on your daughter. If she realizes how badly this will hurt her family, she might wise up.

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