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  A:  Get proof. Unless you have something concrete on h ...        34%
  B:  Boys his age are "curious." It's just a phase, so ...        23%
  C:  Confront him about it. If he knows you're mad, may ...        21%
  D:  Don't change clothes or use the bathroom with him ...        22%
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Dear Anyone,

My family can get out of control sometimes and I need some help to fix it. My parents are always yelling at my brothers (aged 3 & 10) and this makes them yell back or throw a huge tantrum. I need help to fix this because someone gets hurt.

a teen in need of advice


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A:  Get an airhorn. Every time your parents yell. Fire off the airhorn. Eventually they'll stop yelling.
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B:  There's not much you can do to change your parents' parenting style. Just bear with it.
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C:  Sit your parents down and ask them to find a new way to discipline their kids as you can't stand the yelling anymore.
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D:  Call a parenting-related reality TV show.

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