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  A:  Leave them alone and mind your own business. It's ...        33%
  B:  Turn them in to the cops and shut down the pot house.        23%
  C:  Just hope and pray they grow out of it.        22%
  D:  Slap your son up side the head with a reality bat. ...        21%
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Dear Anyone,

Help - my 19 year-old daughter just found out she's pregnant by her 27 year-old boyfriend of about 7 months. The problem is my future son-in-law's current career. It borders on illegal--sales of illegal non-prescription materials, if you get my drift. I have told her how unhappy I am that she is so involved with someone who is involved in criminal activity, although she insists he is clean himself. I have never been able to have a real conversation with this guy due to the fact that he knows I do not approve of his career choice and hope he would just go away, but now he is to be the father of my grandchild. How do I talk to this guy? What should I say? Should I ask about his future intentions re: work and encourage him to become legit? My daughter say he wants to after he has reached his monetary goal. He could be a good guy if he went straight. He has no parents of his own. He doesn't communicate with me. What to do or say??

BC Granny


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A:  Initiate a heart to heart talk and encourage a new career. Maybe the baby will make him turn over a new leaf.
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B:  Insist your daughter leave him and live with you. You need to put your foot down on this one.
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C:  Don't say anything. The only person he'll listen to is your daughter, so work on her, and maybe she'll convince him to get a real job.
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D:  Send a tip to the police and have him busted. This guy needs to be in jail and out of your daughter and future grandchild's lives.

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