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Dear Anyone,

I'm a 21-year old girl and at the beginning of this year I moved from my hometown for University. I've lived away from home before but always in the same city, and I miss my parents, younger brother and sister so much. I don't know anyone else my age who is as close to their family as I am - I don't keep anything from my parents and speak to them at least twice a week. Coupled with a painful break up from a 3-year relationship and my shy nature meaning I haven't made any friends here, I'm starting to feel very lonely and a little lost without them by my side. I go home for the university holidays but I'm starting a job in 2 weeks so I won't be able to go back for months which upsets me. Am I weird for being so close to my family for my age and missing them so much?

Lonely Lass


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A:  Not weird at all. It's good you're close to your family - most people get homesick at one time or another.
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B:  For your age it's unhealthy. You should be grown up and able to cope on your own.
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C:  It's probably a phase because of your break-up and being alone. Mix with people at your new job and the loneliness may ease.
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D:  If you're this close to them at 21 it's probably a good thing you're away from them now. Much longer with them and yes, it would be weird.

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