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Dear Anyone,

My fiance is having problems with his 13 year old daughter, "Daisy." When the mother tells Daisy things differently than what the dad says, Daisy calls him a liar or tells him to shut up. What is the best way to deal with this situation? Any advice will help. He sometimes ignores it, and I think he needs to address it head on. We are going on vacation soon and need some advice. Anything will be helpful.

Confused & Upset


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A:  Dad needs to lay down the law and tell Daisy she's out of line. Daisy needs to know who's boss.
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B:  Dad needs to work on this together with his ex-wife. They should be allies--not enemies.
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C:  You need to step in and play bad cop. That way, dad will look like the nice one.
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D:  Sounds like Daisy's in a rebellious phase. Grin and bear it for five more years.

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