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Dear Anyone,

Three days ago, my precious dog of four years got hit by a car. It was my fault. I was the one who let him yank the leash out of my hand, and I was the one who didn't spend time training him to come when he was called. As much remorse and sadness as I feel, all I can think about is bringing home a new dog and starting again. I know any puppy will not be my darling Tucker, but I'm eager to get to know my next darling and make some of this sadness go away. Am I heartless? Is there such a thing as a rebound dog?

Missing Mr. Tucker


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A:  Dogs are not people. Get a new puppy and get on with your life.
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B:  Wait! Give yourself time to mourn now or you'll regret it later.
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C:  Are you crazy? Do you think you can be trusted with a dog?
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D:  Keep the Puppy Chow on hand and wait for a new dog to come to you.

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